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April 20, 2011
Secure Connection Now Available

Secure Connection Now Available

Before sending files across the Internet, one should always consider the security of doing so, the worst case scenario being that an unintended and ill-willing party gets a hold of the files.

If the files are already available to the public, there is no risk in sending them. If they contain personal or otherwise confidential information, think twice.

We take your privacy seriously, and our server is secured by the industry standard practices. The uploaded and merged files are not made available to anyone except the uploader herself.

Last week we added another security related measure by enabling secure (https) connections for those who wish to make sure that the data sent back and forth between their browser and our server is encrypted and virtually impossible for a third party to decipher.

To enable the secure connection, point your browser to

Happy merging!

January 2, 2010
One year mark

What a year! During 2009, more than 100,000 people enjoyed the convenience of merging their files online with PDFJoin! and its twin-sister site PDFMerge!.

We are entering 2010 with a big crowd of regular users, a more stable service and what may be the most useful Java™ Applet on the web!

If you have Java™ installed on your machine, we warmly recommend you to try our Applet. It lets you merge your PDF files without having to upload them anywhere! This results in an amazing speed, no need to worry about sending sensitive information over the Internet, and practically no size limits. Just today, someone merged 80 files, 104MB combined!

For your other PDF related needs, we also recommend PDFJoin!’s other sister sites:

  • PDFUnlock! - Remove password protection and other restrictions from PDF files online.
  • PDFProtect! - Add password protection to PDF files online.

As always, we love to hear from you and welcome your feedback - leave a comment here or drop a line to

July 30, 2009
Six month mark

PDFJoin! has been around since January this year. While it has been one of those “just for fun” projects from the start (and still is), statistics prove that it is a useful service that many find helpful. On an average day, more than a thousand PDF files are merged.

Every day brings a bunch people who google “join pdf" or "pdf join" to PDFJoin!. These days the site ranks pretty high for search queries such as those. Even more delighting is that approximately 40% of our daily visitors are people who return to the site via a bookmark or by just typing the address in their browser.

What’s ahead? So far the site has been a “usable prototype”, and my logs show the unfortunate fact that for some visitors, the site does not work . Now that I know a little bit of what works well and what people use, I have started making it a little more robust. Most of this work is behind the scenes, but expect to see some minor changes on the surface as well within the next couple of weeks.

One PDF is better than two